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MAT 2562 Differential Equations w/ Linear Algebra

Useful External Links

  • 3Blue1Brown created by Grant Sanderson provides a great overviews of Linear Algebra.  His videos focus on the big picture and provide stimulating animations.  This link takes you directly to his Linear Algebra Sequence

  • This is a link to a YouTube Playlist of helpful ODE Topics by Trefor Bazett.  I find his explanations incredibly accurate and straight to the point.

  • Here is a useful video on the Laplace Transform.  It was made by Zach Star.

  • Here's a second helpful video on the Laplace Transform by Steven Brunton.

  • Here is a useful applet for exploring phase portraits of solutions of 2x2 systems of ODEs, while this second applet allows you to enter some values into the 2x2 matrix.  Both are from MITs Mathlets collection.

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